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Fuse board upgrades

The fuse board is the
nerve centre of your home

Fuse board switchesThe fuse board, or consumer unit, is the ‘thinking centre’ for the electrics in the home. This crucial piece of hardware manages, distributes and protects the electrical system in your property. Therefore it must be checked on a regular basis and upgraded if necessary, in order to keep your electrics working efficiently and your home safe. This is particularly important if:

  • you are having some other electrical work carried out;
  • your current fuse board is overloaded and is starting to cause problems in your home;
  • your wiring isn’t in first-class condition but you can’t go to the trouble or expense of rewiring your home.

It is also essential that your earthing and bonding meet the required standards to protect against electric shock.

For the best results, see a specialist

AC Electrical Services is the first choice for homes across West Yorkshire because we make your safety our priority. We will review the condition of your fuse board and give you an honest recommendation based on our years of specialised experience. If you need an upgrade of your fuse board, earthing and bonding, we can perform all necessary work to the highest level, ensuring your home is safely protected for years to come. If this part of your home’s electrics is already sound, we will be happy to let you know.

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We’™ll upgrade the electrical centre of your home and bring your earthing and bonding up to the current standards.

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Property need rewiring? We’™ll ensure it meets British Standards —“ as well as all of your power demands.

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We’™ll ensure your home’™s electrics are safe and meet British Safety Standards.

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